Divorce Therapy

Experiencing a divorce is one of the most challenging life changes. It can fundamentally alter nearly every aspect of your current life and have long-reaching effects on your future relationships. At Neshama Soul Therapy, we provide divorce counseling and therapy to help you and your family navigate this difficult time. Our goal is to equip you with the skills needed to move forward in a happy and healthy way when the time is right.

Divorce Counseling for Your Family

Children are profoundly affected by divorce. Since your marriage is the first significant relationship they witness, it forms a foundational part of their life. When this foundation crumbles, it can be very challenging for them to understand how their lives will change. One of the primary goals of divorce therapy is to give children a safe space to express their feelings and to reassure them that their parents still love them and will remain a family despite the changes. Blended family therapy can also support your children in coping with divorce.

Divorce Therapy for You

Divorce, like any major life event, can stir up a range of complex emotions, especially amidst the other challenges that accompany it (moving, legal meetings, court dates, custody issues, etc.). Many individuals going through a divorce experience feelings of embarrassment and shame. Others may experience anger, disappointment, frustration, and loss. Counseling can help you make sense of what has happened and develop a new sense of self that you can be proud of. Another advantage of therapy is that it provides a space where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations without feeling like a burden to friends and family. During therapy, you will learn tools to examine your relationship in new ways and to take valuable lessons from it. Divorce therapy could also help couples create healthy boundaries for co-parenting, splitting the assets amicably, and processing it in a healthy way that will allow both parties peace when ending their divorce.

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