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What is Neshama Soul Therapy
Neshama (Hebrew: נשמה) is a Hebrew word which can mean "Soul" or "Spirit".

Neshama Soul Therapy does that exactly, views you and what is happening to you holistically with faith based principles, solution focused modalities, and a person centered approach.

At Neshama Soul Therapy, We provided therapy for the couple and their unique journey. Therapy is person centered, utilizing solution focused modalities, emotional focused therapy to process emotional traumas in couples work, and gottman method therapy skills to help couples reconnect, process, and heal.


Ester Buchnik, MFTRI

Ester Buchnik originally got her start from 2007-2009 working with RAINN while she finished up her Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology. Helping clients from RAINN allowed her to create those emergency crisis plans to help clients out and hear them out without judgement and with an open and receptive mind.

Ester successfully graduated in 2009 and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Hunter College as the first-generation American Immigrant from her family. Afterward, she spent over 15 years working as a case manager, crisis counselor, and socialworker for a variety of clients. Ester then worked as a waiver services specialist helping families obtain therapy services, case management, and crisis counseling. Ester migrated over to work with clients who had intergenerational traumas from mass genocide (of the holocaust) and verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.

When covid happened Ester chose this time to go back and then graduate from National University where she earned her degree in Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy in Psychology and during this entire time worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist Student Intern with families, couples, individuals from various cultural backgrounds, belief systems, and age groups. The clients she has encountered on her  journey typically are diagnosed with Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, Sexual Dysregulation, Depression, & Trauma related disorders.

In her work , whether you are an individual or couple facing issues, Ester Buchnik actively listens to gather where you are within your story. She has come to discover that depending on our life experiences per our relationships with others & the environment we come from, that it all plays an integral piece to what makes us who we are today. Ester’s goal as a therapist is to be that guide in affording you the ability to see what chapter you are in currently.  Her hope for families is that you're able to thrive despite life’s occasional obstacles.

Ester is gottman method trained in Level 1 and 2 to provide couples with skills sets from gottman training to help reconnect couples to each other. Ester also is trained in Solution Focused, Dialetical Behavioral, and Emotion Focused therapy modalities.

Ester Provides Faith based Jewish Therapy, Trauma, Body Dysmorphic Issues, Self Esteem, Anxiety and Stress Management, Sexual Dysregulation, and Couples therapy for pre-marital couples, Long Term Partnerships, and Marriage Therapy.

Ester’s goal is to assist you to become empowered and gain full insight about yourself and your relationship with others. She is very collaborative and mindful and I provide a safe and trusting telehealth environment, maintaining a climate of warmth and respect. She recognizes the need for confidentiality and is non-judgmental in her approach.


National University

Hunter College

Gottman Method Institute


American Association of Family and Marriage Therapy



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