Sexual Dysregulation

SD Are you and your partner struggling in identifying or communicating what turns you on, puts you in the mood, or what you want during sex? Are you struggling with having a lower libido than your partner? Maybe your experiences with religion and purity culture have affected your relationship with sex and sexuality. Sexual dysregulation occurs in many relationships and couples therapy is designed to help individuals and couples address the complex factors impacting sexual satisfaction. The goal of couples therapy is to assist clients in working through these challenges so they have a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life -whether in a relationship or single.

Neshama Soul Therapy provides you with a therapist that works from an intersectional, sex positive lens. The approach to sexual concerns is in a humanistic, person-centered, and trauma informed way. Neshama Soul Therapy offers a safe place for you to explore your sexuality and to address any barriers to fulfilling your sexual goals and desires.


Though sexual concerns are incredibly common, it can still be difficult for people to talk about even if they are in a loving relationship. Couples therapy is a calm, judgement free space to discuss your concerns with a sexuality and mental health expert who can provide insight and guidance as we work through your concerns.

Contact Neshama Soul Therapy to discuss and lets help you and your partner get your mojo back on track!

Or if you are an individual and find yourself feeling inadequate, insecure, or frustrated in your own personal growth in this area, let us know so we can help you on this journey to self-discovery and healing.



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