Marriage Therapy


Marriage Therapy right for you?

· Are you in crisis?

· Have you become more like roommates than lovers?

· Are you on the brink of divorce?

· Has there been an affair or another form of infidelity?

Then Marriage Therapy may be what you need to restore your relationship and reset the trajectory towards a strong, loving, and lasting relationship. 

What is Marriage Therapy?

Marriage Therapy allows couples the opportunity to set a devoted block of time aside to work on and transform their relationship. By having an uninterrupted and focused period, couples can address long-standing or new issues negatively impacting their relationship. This then allows couples to repair, begin the healing process, and develop a healthier and more loving bond as they learn and implement new skills to foster growth.

What is the format of a Couples/Marriage Intensive?

Each Marriage Therapy Session is customized to a couples’ need utilizing Gottman Method training. It takes three sessions of information processing, receiving a gottman method relationship check in questionnaire, and creates a foundation for change to occur. For transformation to occur and become long lasting it takes around three months for couples to process, heal, and move forward utilizing their newly gained skills and incorporate them into their lives. Longer periods can be considered for couples who require processing infidelity, trauma, gridlock areas that are not reaching compromise.  Follow-up sessions are then held as needed to reinforce skills after the therapy process has helped the couple out. However, therapy can be an ongoing thing with couples to check back in a few months to a few years if things change or life transitions occur.



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